SCiTECH Services

We offer a range of services, listed below. Complete the form below or call to discuss these further.

Substrate Repolish

Only whole, intact substrates are accepted for re-polishing. The epilayer and 5µm of your original substrate will be mechanically polished away, resulting in a smooth native oxide surface that is epiready and as good as new! Prices vary depending on substrate material and quantity. Request a quotation based on the table shown here.

GaAs/Ge InP/InSb
Size Min. order Size Min. order
2" 40 2" 40
3" 20 3" 20
4" 12 4" 12
6" 5
8" 5

Platen Regeneration

Using a cleaning solution, restore your Stainless Steel or Molybdenum platen to like new condition.


If there is a product which is bespoke or different from your standard item we can alter and create products which fit your specific needs. These Items can include adapters, extensions, flanges or gaskets. If there is anything else which you can not find anyone else to make please do not hesitate to inquire.


For Maintenance advice, consultation, seminars and lectures in the MBE fields, please fill in the form below.

Topics include:

  • MBE Facility setup (including ancillary hardware)
    - What services you need to run an MBE system, running costs, system requirements and other hardware

  • MBE basics (system operation)
    - How to run an MBE system including how the individual components work and how epitaxy actually happens i.e. with atom binding

  • MBE material specific knowledge
    - Making specific user material of interest e.g. gallium, grow into what you require.



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